Carpet Cleaning

Carpets take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. In no time at all, kids, pets, muddy shoes and spills can make new rugs filthy. With the right cleaning methods, flooring can look good for years to come. To keep carpets clean knowledge of the carpet fiber and different cleaning methods is needed.

Light Cleaning and Vacuuming

Just like hard flooring, it is recommended that carpets be regularly vacuumed and cleaned. This will help maintain appearance and keep dirt from settling into the fabric. At least once a week a vacuum should be used to remove dirt that has settled below the surface.

Spot Treatments

One of the most common carpet problems is spills and stains. Red wine, beer, food spills, mud, coffee, tea, grease and ink are just a few of the spills a carpet faces in an active home. For spot cleaning, immediate action is required so the stain does not set.

Excess liquid can be blotted up with a dry paper towel and then a cleaning solution can be blotted on to remove the stain.

After applying a product, rinse with water and repeat the process until the stain fades. Cover the area with absorbable towels and heavy object to remove the water.

Cleanable Carpets

Modern, manmade carpets are great for cleaning, meaning they are a very popular choice. Unlike wool carpet where a stain can soak into the fibre, manmade carpets fibres are harder to penetrate meaning they are a lot easier to clean.

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